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Our Mission

Focused on providing personal and professional development opportunities to youth and young professionals around the world.


We're excited to announce our 2021 partnership with TRIO Talent Search and the Lynn School District.

Our Now Spoke team is looking for remote young professionals to join as Now Spoke speakers for the following focuses:

1. Marketing

2. Finance

3. Business + Operations

4. Computer Science + Engineering

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1. Partnership

We partnered with the Lynn School District x TRIO Talent Search to serve ~600 high school and middle school students in Lynn, Massachusetts who would be the first in their family to attend college.


2. Speakers

We're looking for young recent grads and young professionals who are in marketing, finance, business/operations, and computer science/engineering to sit on a panel with students remotely.


3. Speakers Join Us

Interested? Submit your interest to join as a Now Spoke speaker and if a good fit we'll match you to a panelist group and classroom that works best with your schedule by 2/17/21 EOD.


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