Who We Are

The world continues to evolve, but why haven’t our schools? We created Now Spoke to fill in the gaps of today’s curriculum.  Now Spoke gives students first hand exposure into industries that they are interested in, and insight into tools and resources that will set them up for success in the real world. We focus on facilitating the connection of industry professionals, and their knowledge, to local high school and college classrooms. 


Our team understands the importance of exploring interests early on in student development. We want to enable opportunities for students to explore career options that they may not have originally had access, or been exposed to. This is why we also work with our industry mentors to equip teachers with curriculum that allow for classroom dialogue and enriching experiences that challenge students in unconventional ways.


Our Core Foundation

  • Community: We want to empower our community of young professionals and students to achieve their unique version of success. We will  inspire and encourage change through storytelling, case studies, and interactive content. We have a strong passion to serve underrepresented communities. Inclusive of ethnicity, immigrant status, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We will work to make sure that our content is accessible to people from all backgrounds. 

  • Applicable in Real Life: Theory and textbooks can only go so far. We see that today’s students have a desire for added practical experience and first hand exposure to real life, up-to-date industry knowledge and challenges. We focus on preparing students for the world beyond college.

  • Finding A Voice:  At some point we’ve all been asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and “What are your plans after graduation?” Our team finds these two questions limiting, and full of pressure. We want to inspire our students to start from within, focusing on their own unique “why?” and “how?”.  Now is the time to find your own personal voice. Now Spoke.

Our Now Spoke Team

the team behind our mission

Diana Ortiz

Partnerships Lead

I am interested in behavioral science and customer research done in the tech space. With my background in psychology, I am motivated to understand each and every consumer, and their unique product experience. I’ve had the opportunity to explore and expand my career interests at Microsoft, ideas42, Princeton Baby Lab, and Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Ashlynn Tucker

Research Lead

I am passionate about ensuring equal access to education and knowledge that everyone deserves. My professional experiences are in product marketing, research, community responsibility and analytics. My interests of inclusion, user needs and strategy are currently being used in my role as a PMM at Microsoft, in addition to past positions at Dell, MassMutual and assisting smaller companies

Leah Shin

Design & Brand Strategy

I like tech, business, and design for good. I'm fascinated by people and human-centered in everything I do. I build products that are inclusive, interactive, and have the core mission to make lives easier. My experience is in Interactive Media Design and Business. I've taken my curiosity to T-Mobile, Microsoft, Jumpstart Inc., and BCW Global.

Ashley Williams

Marketing Strategy

I am passionate about understanding the intersection between people and technology. I believe that technology and learning resources should be accessible and inclusive of all. I spark crucial conversations about inclusion and continue to follow my passions across companies, including Microsoft, Facebook, DreamWorks Animation, and USC Athletics.